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Tour Made Axis protection fits for RT-610, RT-630 und RT-650
Axis protection for your Tour Made Electric Golftrolley
19,90 EUR
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Gone are the days when only seniors used a golf trolley. Many younger players are now deliberately opting for this modern and energy-saving option. When playing golf, it is important to use all your energy, strength and concentration for the game. The weight of the complete equipment including drinks and clothing can be up to 15kg. Every golfer who has worn his or her equipment for more than 18 holes knows the physical strain this entails. For these reasons, golf trolleys have become indispensable companions for players of all ages.
Brand new in our onlineshop you will find all Tour Made and Caddytek models of the upcoming golf season 2021. Tour Made and Caddytek set new standards in design, technology and price in the season 2021 Whether young or old, Tour Made offers the right golf trolley for everyone. Only the best materials are used. Thanks to many years of expertise in the distribution and design of golf trolleys, all components of the trolley are perfectly matched to each other.
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